Monday, March 14, 2011

95% of Americans don't get enough Whole Grains, WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?

This is not the breakfast for me
That's right people, according to General Mills, we don't eat enough of their food.

Let me start by saying you could live a long and healthy life without eating a single whole grain. We don't need whole grains for health. So how can a company say that 95% of us don't eat enough? I think they may have left out the back-end of the statement, 95% of American's don't eat enough whole grains, for us to make our profit margins. Maybe? Maybe not?

You see protein is essential to our health, and dietary fats are too.  Whole grains, not so much.

Now I am not a "no-carb" dieter, trying to push another form of the "Atkins Diet" in fact I love carbohydrates, but they have their time and their place.

Personally I believe cereal first thing in the morning, is just about the worst thing you could have for breakfast when you are trying to lose weight. Want a better-for-you breakfast?  Try egg beaters, with center cut bacon. Or if you're in a hurry, grab a Ready-To-Drink protein shake. They will give you the energy, and metabolism boost you need without spiking your insulin levels.

Anyway back to the subject, I saw a commercial promoting cereal with this tagline so I wanted to find out who says that we don't get enough whole grains? Well it's a Doctor of Health and Nutrition, who works for General Mills, how convenient. The best part of her quote "As part of a healthy diet, whole grain can help with diabetes and weight management"

Really Doctor?  What she's not telling you is carbohydrates have zero benefits to weight-loss, and diabetes? Did you know that the GI of Corn Flakes is 84? compare that to regular table sugar that is a 64 on the GI scale.
 So whole grain Corn Flakes will affect your blood sugar and spike your insulin levels more than eating plain sugar! So how do whole grains help prevent diabetes?

This ad is so misleading that it needed clarification, especially to those who are trying to lose weight. Carbohydrates, and whole grains are great for immediate energy but they are not necessary for our health. A diet high in lean-meats, fruits, and vegetables is far better, than a diet high in whole grains.

I am very proud to say that I am one of the 95% of Americans that don't eat enough whole grains, and you should be too.

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  1. Great post! It saddens me that so much of our information comes from compromised sources. "Studies" and expertise fueled simply by greed and not fact. I feel as though I've been bombarded with lies for the past 10 years. Meanwhile my health has suffered by an increase in body fat. How has that low fat diet helped my cholesterol and prevention of heart disease? (It hasn't!)
    Right now I'm enjoying a lower carbohydrate diet and relishing the foods I cut out because I was told they were bad for me: beef, higher fat dairy and butter. I have more energy and I can think more clearly because my brain is finally getting the nutrients it needs.
    Low fat and whole grain diet: I curse you and your lies!