Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Fat Loss and Fitness Tips

These are my practical and practiced fat-loss tips!
It didn't happen overnight

  1. Chew Mint: Overeating is a habit; if you feel the need, chew gum to get your mouth moving and the mint will ruin the flavor of anything you would eat and help avoid cravings.
  2. If you are going somewhere with unhealthy food like a party, never go hungry.  Eat a healthy meal before so that you are less likely to give in and eat what you shouldn't
  3. Start each day with a tall glass of Ice Water, water helps curve hunger pangs and also gets your metabolism going.
  4. Add pure and natural fiber powder to water throughout the day to keep away hunger.
  5. Studies show that getting enough sleep is essential for your fitness. Getting 7-8 hours of solid sleep at night will help your recovery and aid your body in its ability to burn fat for energy.
  6. 3500 calories of a surplus or a deficit equals one pound of body-fat gained or lost.
  7. 1800 calories of surplus or deficit is equal to one pound of water gained or lost.
  8. Log your calories! If you don't log then you don't know.
  9. Workout tip, training to failure is when you push your body to a point it can not do anymore, and that tells your brain it needs to adapt and become stronger
  10. Workout tip, lactic acid is the burn you feel in your muscles as you fatigue them, while it is generally not liked, it is essential.  The lactic acid is a key to producing growth hormone release and recovery.
  11. Buy a pedometer and get moving; walking and moving every hour of everyday will give your metabolism an extra boost to help you burn body fat for energy. Set a goal for 10,000 steps everyday.
  12. Take it one day at a time, and continually educate yourself on your body, and what works best for you.
  13. Do NOT punish yourself for slipping up, guilt is horrible for fat-loss. It's so much better to forgive yourself and just get back on the diet horse. One day will not make or break your goals!
  14. Be patient, Rome wasn't built in a day and your new body won't be either. This is a new lifestyle change that must be started now and followed the rest of your life. Otherwise you will fall into the yo-yo trap of most dieters. 
It takes time to build something you will be proud of.

We live very sedentary lives, 100 years ago the average person ate 1,000 more calories, didn't exercise, and being overweight was extremely rare. So we just need to be more active, get up and move every hour of every day. Every little bit helps!