Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Myths of a High Protein Diet

I have been dieting for years. My personal experience and success is proof positive that I absolutely know what I’m talking about when it comes to losing weight. I have tried just about everything and through these trials I have come up with plans that work. Many of my ideas run against the grain., They are new and different than mainstream thinking. I believe it’s time to rewrite the nutrition books and start a new revolution in dieting! Our population is nearly 70% overweight. The old rules are not working. Athletes, bodybuilders, and myself know that if you want to have a great physique you need to eat a high protein diet.

So why are people afraid of high protein diets? 

The myths of high protein diets.
  1.  High protein diets will make you fat. 
  2.  Protein causes kidney damage.
  3.  Protein is only beneficial for weight and muscle gain. 

Myth #1 High Protein Diets make us fat. 


Many experts lump high protein diets with low-carb/high fat diets like Atkins™. This is like saying all bodybuilders are muscle-heads! It’s a stereotype and just because some high protein diets have us eating large amounts of foods high in saturated fat, it doesn’t mean they have to. I eat a very high protein diet, but it is also low fat. There are many low fat/high protein options.

  •  2% Cheese sticks 
  •  Beef Jerky 
  •  Lean Meats 
  •  Skim Milk 
  •  Protein shakes and bars
  •  These are just a few examples

The truth is excess calories make us fat, and as long as you are within your calorie limits, protein will not make you fat. 

Myth #2 Protein Causes Kidney Damage 


The truth is, if you have kidney damage a lower protein diet is better for you.
BUT, High-protein diets are not hazardous for the healthy kidneys. 
It’s like running is great exercise for healthy individuals but not so great if you have a heart condition. 

"is it possible to eat too much protein? There are no dangers associated with higher intakes of protein - unless you have kidney disease."
"From the results it was shown that the HPLC (High Protein- Low Carb) diet is a safe and effective option for medically supervised weight loss in severely obese adolescents."

Myth #3 Protein is only beneficial for muscle and weight gain 


To be honest, this was my belief for many years because this is what I was told, and I didn’t know enough then to question it. Now my opinion is that protein is as much, or more, beneficial for weight loss. Studies have shown that high protein diets help us in several ways with weight loss. 

  • Increase satiety (makes us feel full) with less calories
  • Increased thermogenesis
  • Increase sleeping metabolic rate
  • Increases protein balance and fat oxidation 

In conclusion, if your goals are to lose weight, then not only should you limit your calories but you should increase your protein. 
This is not just my opinion but it is proven in study after study that a high protein diet safe and it is very effective for weight-loss!


  1. Protein's main role is in muscle development. Cutting way back on protein is a good way to lose weight.