Monday, March 12, 2012

Spike Life Food Pyramid

Prioritize – Every Meal (5-6 servings per day)

These are the foods we want to include in every meal. Priority foods help us stabilize blood sugar, boost metabolism, and provide us with hours of satiety.

Priority Foods:
Poultry, Fish, Lean Grass-Fed Beef, High Fiber Vegetables

*TipCombining Priority Foods with Avoid and Moderate foods slows digestion and lessens the impact on our blood sugar and reduces the corresponding insulin response.

Enjoy – Half of Daily Meals (2-3 servings per day)

These foods we should include in half of our daily meals. They are healthy but are generally higher in calories.

Enjoy Foods:
Fruit, Legumes, Whole-Grains, Natural Fats, Starchy Vegetables, Nuts, Other Lean Meats

Moderate – One or Two Daily Meals (1-2 servings per day)

These foods we could include in one or two of our daily meals. They are high in calories without the additional nutritional benefits that are in the Priority and Enjoy foods.

Moderate Foods:
Non-Lean Meats, Bread, Pasta, Cereal, Rice

Avoid – Limit to Spike Day (< 1 serving per day)

These foods should be kept at a minimum. I save them for my Spike Days or allow myself one serving a day if I can combine them with Priority foods. They taste great but they are calorie dense and don’t provide any nutritional benefits.

Avoid Foods:
Processed Foods, Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Trans-Fat

Spike Life Food Pyramid

As you noticed the Spike Life Food Pyramid is upside down. The foods at the top are the most important and the largest part of the “pyramid”. Our food pyramid prioritizes the types of foods that have the biggest weight loss benefits and limits the foods that can hinder our weight loss goals.  The foods we moderate and avoid should be saved mainly for Spike Days. One day of consuming these types of foods does not inhibit weight loss when the other six days are great.  Processed foods like sugar and flour are digested extremely quickly which results in a high insulin response from the spike in blood sugar.  With Spike Life we want to keep our blood sugar stable to keep insulin low and allow glucagon to continue burning fat for energy. 


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