Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Healthiest Snack Food

Don't be scared by the color. These little green snacks are not only one of the healthiest snacks around but they are also very tasty. All-Natural Roasted Soybeans are high in protein and fiber the two most important nutrients for weight loss. They taste very similar to peanuts and have just enough salt to satisfy cravings.

I'm an habitual eater and I love snacking. I can demolish a bag of chips in seconds so finding a healthy snack like this is a Godsend.

Give them a try!

Nutritional Breakdown:
(One Serving is 1/4 Cup)

130 Calories
    4 Grams of Fat
    9 Grams of Carbs - only 2 Net Carbs!
    7 Grams of Fiber
  13 Grams of Protein

40% of the calories are from protein and 78% of the carbs are fiber!!!

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  1. Hi Russell,

    Is there an ebook or pdf version of Spike Diet available? I've Googled to the best of my ability and can only find this site still operating for the Spike Diet (other than the Facebook page), and although Amazon has your book available in hardcopy form, it's not sold by Amazon - it's sold through Amazon by other retailers, so I'm slightly leery of buying that way. I really want to be the next Spike Diet "success story," so if there's still a way to purchase Spike84 in any form or Spike Diet in ebook/pdf format, please let me know! Thanks so much.