Thursday, June 24, 2010

Great blog post from Jim Stoppani at Muscle and Fitness Rebutting Consumer Reports and Protein Drinks

I have read the Consumer Reports article on un-safe metals and contaminants. I admit when I first read it I was a bit worried and upset, but I just had a feeling this was not the full story. Enter Jim Stoppani who actually dug and did some real research on this report. True, Muscle and Fitness is not un-biased, most of their money comes from ad sales from these companies but he did find some real truths. Also Consumer Reports had a lot to gain by creating this story with sales and recognition, it's pure sensationalism

Right now there is a modern day witch hunt going on from the government and supplement companies. Yes I would like some regulation, for example companies should not be allowed to lie about the ingredients in FOOD and supplements, but what these law makers who know absolutely nothing about protein and supplements are trying to do is destroy the industry as we know it. A few bad apples are spoiling the bunch. and instead of going after the whole industry they should punish the companies who are unethical.  There are many companies who are creating products that improve our lifestyles and "supplement" our diets and exercise. USP Labs for example has created a few amazing new products, one called Pink Magic that if you haven't heard about it yet you will. The great thing about Pink Magic is it uses all natural ingredients. I personally have not tried or used it but I have some friends that I trust who swear by it, and tell me they had zero side effects from it. I have used other USP Labs products like the pre-workout supplement Jack3d, and in my opinion this is a company that is trying to create new and innovated products that do help a good diet and exercise program. 

I recommend you read both the Consumer Reports article and Jim Stoppani's and draw your own conclusions.  Personally I will not change my use of protein supplements.

Jim's blog

Consumer Reports

Article on the witch hunt


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