Monday, June 7, 2010

You hate it and I hate it but logging calories is a must.

Think of it as your daily "health budget" 
If you don't log your food you may go into diet foreclosure!

I tell all of my clients that they need to track their calorie intake or they will never truly know how much they are eating.  We lose weight because of a calorie deficit but if we don't know how much we are eating how can we guarantee we have a deficit? 
I guess I thought this rule didn't apply to me. I have lost over 100lbs and I've been logging calories for years.  So I thought I didn't need to track my calories anymore.
I KNOW what I'm eating.. right?

This past week I went back to logging my calories and what I found out was humbling. I thought I new exactly how much I was eating from my years of experience and amazing math skills. What I found out was I was typically eating 500 calories more than I thought I was. No surprise, when I logged my intake and stuck to my calorie goals I lost 2lbs in the week. What I learned logging is a necessary evil, even for the most experienced dieters.

The good news is there are many cool phone apps that make logging food easy and fun. I have the Fat Secret app on my phone and it is a breeze. You can check out their site at


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