Friday, November 26, 2010

The day after Thanksgiving is not just a good day to shop.

As much as I love the food on my Spike Day's, there is another benefit of "spiking" that to me is almost just as satisfying.  I'm going to let you in on a little secret of mine.
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The day after we Spike, like after Thanksgiving, is by far the best day to workout in the entire week. Simply because all of those extra calories we just had, has our metabolism roaring, and we stored extra energy in our muscle glycogen, because of our Spike.
One more!

When I first started Spiking I thought that the day of the Spike would be out best workout because that's when we had plenty of calories before for energy and after for recovery.  It's not the case, I was honestly too "full" to workout and I never had that extra energy.

I'm kind of a nerd and always reading research studies, and after reading a very interesting one on glycogen depletion, loading, and exercise I realized that the day after Spike Day would be the ideal day to workout.  Much like athletes, they "carb-load" the day before their event and not the day of, because glycogen is a better energy source than the glucose from food in our stomach. Glycogen is ready to go energy, just waiting for the signal, whereas food just eaten has to be processed and converted to glucose, and then is ready to be used as energy.
Marathon runners "carb-load" the day before they run.

The first week I tried this I noticed an increase in every set of my workout, and my energy level was amazing. Every since my first "after-spike" workout, Sunday's have been my day to kick butt in the gym.

So now it's Black Friday, and I highly recommend making good use of the extra calories from Thanksgiving and having a kick ass "after-spike" workout.  It will also help destroy the stress of hectic shopping and any annoying family members from the day before.

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