Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spike Life set for National Release October 2012

*Not the actual Spike Life Cover 
The writing is done for my new book Spike Life and it's currently in the editing process and then off to layout & book design. It's been an exciting and fun past several months landing my first full publishing contract and then writing a new book that holds the same philosophies of the original Spike Diet but builds goes into more of the emotional and mental aspects of trying to lose weight.

Spike Diet is a great book but it's short, only 144 pages and after it was released I felt like it was missing a lot of important information and topics.  I dreamed about the opportunity to have another shot at it. So when Brio-Publishing approached me about another book I was ecstatic. I spent the next 6 months and countless hours, researching and writing so this time I would not be disappointed and wishing I could go back and add more.

Spike Life will be about 300 pages, full color, and hardcover.  The quality of the book itself is something I'm extremely excited about. This book does explain metabolism and Starvation Mode much like Spike Diet but after that it goes in depth on how we can be mentally strong and stay in total control over our food choices. There's meal plans for several different eating styles and a great section on busting conventional dieting myths. Also a great section on exercise and supplements. This is a book I'm very proud of and I'm sure it will help many people lose weight just like Spike Diet has.

Spike Life will be nationally released on October 15th and a 10 city book tour will follow.

Spike 4 Life!!!


  1. Very happy for you! It's an exciting time for the Branjords!

  2. Hi Russ,

    I was just curious, I know fatty acids and carbs eaten before bed can blunt growth hormone secretion while we sleep. What is the optimal amount of time before the last meal of the day (whether it contains fats or carbs or both) and the time we go to bed? 1 hour? 2 hours?