Thursday, September 8, 2016

Intuitive Eating and Spiking Part 1

My Spike Lifestyle is very much what I'd call "Intuitive Eating", in fact my very first Spike Day was born out of desperation and then intuition. 
Up until 2003, Cheating/Spiking absolutely went against my beliefs on weight-loss. My whole life I was taught some foods are good and some are bad,  that foods like ice cream, pizza and donuts are what will and did make me fat. So I avoided them like the plague.  
"I'm shocked at the beliefs I used to have about food and obesity but like many I was brain-washed by the mainstream and diet industry."
Then a miracle happened and my beliefs were turned upside down. In 2003 my weight was 330lbs and I was determined to finally lose weight once and for all. I was motivated like I had never been before. 
As usual everything was going as planned when I hit the plateau. Even worse I was being bombarded with food cravings. 

I was about to snap mentally when an intuitive voice, God, told me to "give-in". I knew this voice was giving me permission, or more like direction to eat what I'm craving without guilt. 
So I did, and not only did it fix my craving issue, I lost weight! MIND-BLOWN! 

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