Thursday, September 8, 2016

Intuitive Eating and Spiking Part 2 - The Ugly Truth

Fact, losing weight is easy. Don't believe me? All you have to do is stop eating and I promise you'll lose weight. Too extreme? Well you could eat but just eliminate one entire food group and you'll lose weight.  Or, you could even just simply eat less calories than you burn and you lose weight. 
The truth is everything works, every fad diet, every point or no point plan, and liquid shake meal program works, as long as they get you to restrict the calories you eat.  This truth is why we have a billion dollar weight loss industry. It's easy to tell you what to do when there is no wrong answer.  Truth is, pretty much anything you can buy will help you lose weight BUT the ugly truth is it only works in the short-term! 
And the super ugly truth is; when you gain the weight back, the weight loss industry will BLAME YOU you for ITS failure and you will believe them. So much so that many of us go right back to the same broken plan the next time. Because in our mind the plan worked because we lost weight but we failed when we gained it back. I'm telling you my friends that the exact opposite is the Real Truth. They failed and continue to make money off our misery and desperation. 

It wasn't your fault and hopeful that one day everyone who is struggling with this vicious cycle will know the truth and the guilt will be set free. 

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