Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Importance of the Spike Day

Why is the Spike Day important for long term results?

1.       The Spike Day gives your brain what it wants, you to feed. You break the downward movement of metabolism by having a surplus of calories, the extra calories you eat spikes your metabolism up. This way you are able to diet long term without slipping into “starvation mode”.

2.       You are able to restore muscle glycogen, the hierarchy of energy storage is glycogen first and then body-fat.  So you do not have to worry about gaining fat with one day of over-eating. Muscle glycogen is our body’s premium fuel for exercise and the glycogen in our liver helps regulate blood sugar.

3.        You give yourself a break mentally from your diet, you feel less deprived during the week and because you spike yourself out of starvation mode the cravings go away. The spike day is meant to be fun and enjoyable.  You eat what you want guilt-free.

      I learned how this worked through experience, I was in a 3 week weigh loss plateau when my cravings were beginning to overwhelm me, so I told myself I would have one day to get all of my cravings out and then get back on my diet so I could literally stop dreaming about food. That day I had donuts, a cookie dough blizzard, and a large pizza.  To my surprise within a week later I lost 3lbs. Of course after that I did it again and again with the same amazing results. I will be spiking the rest of my life, I  never thought losing weight could be this easy. 

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