Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Sound of Music

One of the coolest benefits of losing a lot of weight is the opportunity to re-define yourself.  In life we seem to act the way we believe other people think we should act. We misplace who we are because of fear and conformity. When I was overweight as child, and as an adult, I was extremely quiet and shy.  I really didn’t want anyone to notice me and, God forbid, the anxiety I felt when I was the center of attention.  In public I really wasn’t me- my personality was lost in my fat. When the weight started coming off I started to open up to people.  When the disgusted looks were replaced with smiles I stopped feeling insecure.  I literally became a new person inside and out.
The talented cast
When I was over 300lbs there was no way I would ever be on stage in a play, but the fit me loves acting.  My   8 year old son is the true actor in the family and his love for it has drawn me into theatre.  
Me as Herr Zeller yelling at poor Max
Photo courtesy of Bruce Strand at the Star News
I am the nasty Nazi, Herr Zeller, in the Elk River Community Theatre Production of The Sound of Music. This is my second show after I had my debut as the huntsman in Snow White this past spring.  This is the true meaning of re-defining one’s self; from shy to outgoing I have done a full 180.
 Today I don’t feel bound to what other people think of me, after losing 120lbs I know I can do anything I put my mind to, and I also understand that all things are possible with faith and patience.
I am not sad about the years of my life that were sort of lost being overweight because I am too thankful for the life I have now.  

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