Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Sound of Music c'est fini

"Really?  Just in their underwear?"

Wow! What an amazingly great time I had working on this show. I had a blast performing in front of  large audiences and building friendships with my talented fellow cast members that I think will last a lifetime. I had no idea I would be so sad that it's over.

I have so many memorable moments; like when I was too nervous to look at the crowd opening night, until my dance partner told me they were all in their underwear, so of course I took a peak.

Sorry "Fro" I didn't mean the things I said.
Or when I had had to yell and look nasty at Frau Schmidt, who in real life was the kindest and sweetest lady I've ever met. I felt so bad being mean to her, but at the same time it also felt pretty good.
My Favorite scene was getting in the face of the Captain- I knew the Van Trapp's were up to something.  The actor playing Captain Von Trapp and I get a long great, he is a great guy, but for that scene we truly hated each other. We got nose to nose, our faces twitched and I really wanted to punch him. It felt amazing to act so nasty, but I'm not really nasty, or am I?
Just sing the darnn song!

It's safe to say that I caught the "theatre bug". While I deeply miss the Sound of Music I am already getting excited for my next show, and hopefully my next role will be one I can really sink my teeth in to.

Backstage working on my anger issues.
Me and the enchanting Elsa
I miss my tux
"Sister, I need to confess my sins"


  1. I'm working on a blog post about the closing of the show too! I love how while you're "working on your anger issues" backstage, the rest of us could care less that there is a nazi standing there :o)

    You are such a nice guy, but you really freak me out as a nazi! :o)

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