Monday, August 22, 2016

12 Years of Spiking and my body still can’t figure me out!

12 Years of Spiking and my body has yet to adapt to my tricks
Most experts will agree that Metabolic Adaptation is a real phenomenon but they are struggling to find a solution. Some will even say you just have to keep adjusting calories down and exercise more. which is quite possibly the worst advice you could give.
Yes, I do believe that I have the answer and of course I’ll share it. The good news is you don’t need to buy anything or take worthless pills. I truly enjoy helping those who struggle like I did, take back control and win the war against obesity.
I didn’t discover this. I believe God gifted me with the answer and I want to share this gift.
Sure, I may sound crazy but growing up overweight and constantly struggling with diets and a “happy” life, believe me I’ve had many moments of “crazy”. This however is just crazy cool.

13 years ago I was miserable. I actually gave up trying for a while believing I was destined to be overweight. I thought I had to choose between losing weight or having the food I love. It may sound weak but I couldn’t make that choice. Ironically I specifically remember as a child asking God to allow me to eat whatever I wanted on my birthday without gaining fat. I was desperate even as a child but already on the right path.

Then I hit 330lbs I realized I needed to do something or I would soon be over 400lbs and growing. So I did what we all do, I dieted once again. Counting and logging calories worked for about 2 months but then the weight-loss came to an abrupt STOP.

I begged God for help. I prayed for guidance and wisdom and I wouldn’t give up. For four long weeks I just kept swimming. But I was swimming upstream and the current (my food cravings) was gradually getting stronger. Not wanting to quit and not knowing what to do, I was approaching a mental breakdown. Mercifully it was in my most desperate moment I got the answer, “Give in”, not give up but just “give in”. At the time it was simply an invitation to take a guilt-free day off and eat whatever I was craving to clear my mind and then get back on track. So I did just that and no guilt because told me to do it.

I followed my 4 weeks of low-calorie days with a high 6-7K calorie day of donuts, ice, cream, pizza and whatever else I was in the mood for. It worked, next day no cravings! I also felt refreshed, more energy and of course a bit bloated but I didn’t care. Then at the end of the week the miracle truly shined through, when I got on the scale I lost 3lbs. I was shocked! I didn’t understand how it was possible! To not lose a single pound in 4 weeks of low-carb/low-cal eating and then have an extremely high calorie day and yet lose 3lbs! It didn’t make sense. After re-weighing myself several times I decided with excitement that I’d have another high calorie day that weekend to see what would happen. Well, just like the first time it was...indulgent! And that week I lost another 2 pounds. That was the beginning of the end in my struggle with obesity. In case you’re wondering in the 11 years since I lost 100lbs I workout an average of once a month lifting weights, Spike the entire weekends and not only have I kept the weight off, I've lost another 30lbs. No drugs and I get to eat anything I want every week. Is this NOT a miracle?

If you met me today you’d have no idea that most of my life was spent dieting and overweight. The truth is the hard work and sacrifice before Spiking damaged my metabolism. The same food that first put on the weight brought my metabolism back! Like the “ The Obstacle is the Way” this food truly is the way to lose weight for good.

The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to focus on Metabolism. My plan was 6 days of caloric deficits and 1 day of a caloric surplus. Do this and you’ll be amazed.

The one day surplus breaks the gradual metabolic decline from dieting and the mental break is just as an important. Not only that but it puts YOU in control. You are choosing to eat what you want, this is not bingeing because by definition a binge means you're “out of control”.

Think of the power Spiking gives you. For example, on a Wednesday you see a box of free and delicious donuts in your office and you want one! NO you don’t want one! You’re struggling with the back and forth like if you had an angel and a devil on your shoulders saying “just take one, it’s ok” or “don’t you’ve worked so hard” ! Honestly not sure who says each one, but you know the feeling and how mentally draining it is. When Spiking you simply say “looks good, I’ll have to get myself a couple of those in two more days when I Spike”. You are always in control.

Spiking can change your life like it has mine. We have one life to live and we need to live it to the fullest. For me that’s feeling good about myself and enjoying the awesome blessings on earth and to me a donut is a sweet blessing.

6 days caloric deficit, around your RMR number and one day a week double that number to insure a caloric surplus. If you want to make it even more effective limit carbs those 6 days and put a bit more emphasis on higher carbs when you Spike. It has a greater effect on Leptin and it’s a nice tool for maximizing Glycogen.


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  1. thank you for publishing this book. you can help give hope to morbidly obese. i lost 129 lbs on a similar plan. my heart goes out to others who were like me. there is hope out there, and it is NOT through weight loss surgery. you know what this is like, you're living it, so that is why your book means so much.

    1. Thank you Jen and congratulations to you for your transformation. I feel a family like bond with others who have struggled like me. Listening to their stories brings back the feelings of frustration I once had. Being free from that pain and frustration is like a living a brand new life and I want that for everyone. At he very least I hope that my story and success will show that a lasting transformation is truly possible, despite the discouraging reports.

      Thanks again for commenting and sharing :)