Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cindy's Spiking Success Story

Spiking has released me from food bondage.

I was obese most of my adult life and I was weighing an all time high of 277 pounds and had a BMI of 43.1.

Then I discovered Spiking. Not only could I have a day to eat food I enjoyed but it broke my plateaus and kept the scale moving. I no longer live in food-bondage. I'm free to eat the foods I enjoy and lose weight. It's a win, win situation. So exactly one year later I am 112 pounds lighter. I've gone from squeezing into a size 24 to fitting easily into a size 10. I've got 10 to 15 more to go until I reach my goal and with spiking I'm going to get there. 

"Spiking has released me from food bondage. I no longer have to starve myself and get nowhere"

- Cindy lost 112lbs 

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